Thursday 16 May 2013

Windows Phone is now third in the smartphone wars!

   The IDC have done it again and this month they're back with an update to the distribution of the mobile OS' and they have revealed that the for the first time ever Windows Phone is officially the world's third placed operating system!

   This months stats show that Windows Phone is slowly starting to garner more attention, while Blackberry's current lack of phones is starting to impact their overall market share. Obviously, the battle for third place seems somewhat insignificant because both Blackberry and Windows Phone are miles behind the runaway success stories of Android and iOS!  

   As you can see from the tablet above Android is the runaway leader in terms of market share, with huge quantities of devices being sold, indeed Google announced that there are at least 900 million devices which have been activated running their operating system just yesterday! In second place is Apple with their quantities of sales steadying a little and seeing 6% year over year growth in the volumes of phones they ship. Having 17% of the market is still a remarkable achievement considering that they only sell three phones at any given point in time!

   Then comes Windows Phone which saw year over year growth in sales of 133%, which means they only shipped 7 million phones in the last quarter, but some growth is good growth! Then there's Blackberry devices, Linux devices, Symbian devices and the fateful 'other' categories which round out the stats.

   Do you expect Blackberry to head back above Windows Phone when cheap BB10 device start arriving? Can Windows Phone gain on Android and iOS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Via PocketLint.


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