Thursday 23 May 2013

Microsoft's latest Windows 8 ad pits the Asus VivoTab against the iPad: Commentary from Siri!

   As you might have guessed already this is another one of Microsoft's adverts which uses other companies devices to compare with theirs or those of the manufacturers which makes Windows devices. It's relatively funny, but it's not as good as the wedding brawl Lumia ad which we've seen before.

   The ad stars the 64GB iPad and the Asus VivoTab 64GB, which we've currently got in for review! The commentary is offered by Siri and it's basically Microsoft manipulating what she says to compare the things which you can do on fully fledged Windows 8 based tablets for about $200 less!

   Check out the ad below and let us know which device you're more inclined to get in the comments below and keep and eye out for the VivoTab review!


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