Monday 27 May 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hack Sky's Google Play and Twitter accounts over the weekend: Apps still not back!


   Over the weekend Sky have been having a few issues with their Google Play account and their Twitter accounts, both of which were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Both of these hacks come just days after ITV had their accounts hacked by Anonymous just days after Twitter brought in two step verification to try to prevent this sort of hack!

   Sky spoke with PocketLint over the weekend and confirmed some of the issues which they had been having. It turns out that the hack of their Google Play account, aside from displaying some pictures of the Syrian Electronic Army's pictures, didn't have any negative affects for their customers and the Tweet which they issued on Sunday, which read, 'We are aware that the Android apps of Sky+, Sky News were hacked and replaced... please remove the apps if you are already installed it.' It turns out that this wasn't actually the case and Sky said that "Sky Android apps previously downloaded by Sky customers are unaffected and there is no need to remove them from Android devices."

   Apparently the Google Play hack was emphasised by the SEA as they took over Sky's Twitter account. The hack seems to have achieved some disruption with Google removing all Sky apps for the moment and so they're not available for download, but the apps should be back online at some point in the relatively near future.
Via PocketLint.
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