Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tesco beef up their ClubCard TV offering yet again!

   We're already big fans of the Tesco's ClubCard TV platform, we've covered it a fair few times and the last was when they added a tonne of new cooking shows. Today the latest improvement includes the addition of a new set of cooking and drama shows, but this time they're from ITV.

   There are over 160 episodes from  Gordon Ramsey's Hells Kitchen USA, to things like A Touch of Frost, Cracker and Prime Suspect and don't worry they'll all still be free to ClubCard customers! ON top of that deal there's a new partnership with which gives users access to 'Elite New Face', which is a new nine programme series which follows the progression of a modelling contest which draws people from around the world!

   Obviously the free service is a nice addition as it stands, but at the moment Tesco only offer streaming through your laptop and internet connection, but they're busy at work on mobile apps and apps from consoles and for TV boxes, so in future there will be more compelling options. For the moment head over to clubcardtv.com and make the most of your free shows from the likes of the Warner Bro.s, Endemol and Aardman studios.
Via PocketLint.


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