Thursday 30 May 2013

HTC confirm the One Google Edition!

   It's finally here, HTC have confirmed the Google Edition of their flagship device, the One. This is an interesting proposition because you get HTC's design language with Google's almost instantaneous updates, but unlike the Nexus devices this one isn't cheap!

   Obviously this is the same HTC One we know and love on the outside and parts of the inside, but HTC Sense and all of the add-ons disappear and instead they're replaced by stock Android. What's interesting about this, as HTC's Jason Dunn says:
"Is what you don't get with it: no HTC Sense, no Zoes, no BlinkFeed, no Video Highlights, no HTC Share, Living Gallery, no SenseTV, etc. The IR blaster hardware is there, but whether or not developers will be able to tap into it is an unknown right now. If having the latest version of Android is paramount to your very existence, well, you have your answer."
   At the moment it's the trade off between getting superfast updates or getting a slightly more rounded experience because things like Zoe and the IR blaster are actually nice additions to the handset!

   If you're not sure whether to go for the retail version of the HTC One which you can get from carriers, or whether to go for one of the developer or 'Nexus' versions then check out the picture below and compare it with your carrier of choice to make the right decision for you. Bear in mind buying the HTC One without a contract will require a hefty up front fee.

Click to enlarge.
   Just as before we know this will be coming to the US Play Store, but there hasn't been wider availability announced just yet! US residents can get the device from JUne the 26th for $599!
Via HTC Elevate.


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