Tuesday 21 May 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts: The new details from the Xbox One reveal!

   Some of you folks out there might have noticed that the new Xbox was revealed today and naturally that was a good time for some more Call of Duty Ghosts features to arrive! The guys showed off some new footage of the game, but they also told us what's new and how they've done things differently!

   First and foremost Microsoft confirmed that Call Of Duty's downloadable content will come to Xbox first just as the new DLC does at the moment, so there's nothing new there. But, Infinity Ward said they wanted to embrace new creative experiences and they didn't just want to make Modern Warfare 4. That's why the game will have a totally new cast, a new engine and the whole idea is that the game is 'totally revolutionary'.

   That might be slight hyperbole, but the story and cast should be a bit more engaging this time around because Infinity Ward have enlisted the help of Stephen Gaghan, who's an Academy award winner already. There's also going to be a new non-human member of your squad and that's a dog who will assist you on your missions as he sniffs out bombs and is generally a good helper on the way through the missions!

   As part of this 'next gen.' promise there will be new weapons which we haven't seen before, a new mantle system which will let you carry your momentum over hurdles, a new lean out feature, a new slide feature and the computer animated critters will react to your presence. That means things like fish for example will swim away from you and birds will take to the sky when you get near!

   Obviously, one of the most important things of a new CoD for most people is that multiplayer and as part of that Infinity Ward will bring new dynamic maps which will react to your weapon damage and there will be things which you can interact with. Just for good measure there will be new character customisation, so you can make your dude look exactly how you want instead of being assigned a default person!

   What do you think? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to check out the video which shows it all off below!


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