Friday 31 May 2013

Bloomberg say HTC cancel 12" Windows RT plans, 7" version still good to go!

   Bloomberg are reporting today that HTC have scrapped plans for a 12" Windows RT tablet for later this year, wiht the lack of demand for Microsoft's Windows RT being cited as one of the the key reasons and the other being the cost of the device, which would make it too undesirable. It's interesting though that Bloomberg still believe that HTC will be making a smaller 7" Windows tablet  running RT.

   The larger of the two tablets was said to be too much of a risk as HTC are still coming to terms with their recent slide in sales and a 12 inch device would be too expensive in terms of components and the cost to customers was said to have been too high to shift the amount HTC would have needed too. Those aren't issues with the 7" tablet which is meant to be available around September or October according to the report.

   Bloomberg did say that Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors will be inside the new 7" tablet and other than that we don't really know very much at all, because this is all speculation really. We do find it quite interesting that HTC would opt to make a Windows tablet, given how popular Android tablets are comparatively. Let us know what you think on this rumour and what you'd like to see HTC produce!
Bloomberg via TheVerge.


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