Thursday 23 May 2013

Samsung sell 10 million Galaxy S4s: Celebrate with four new colours!

   There we have it folks, the Galaxy S4 has reached the ten million sales milestone. The news comes on the day than an unnamed exec from HTC revealed that the company has sold 5 million of their HTC One's!

   As part of the 'celebration' Samsung announced that they’re going to offer the Galaxy S4 in four new colours later this year. These will be Red Aurora, Blue Arctic, Purple Mirage, and Brown Autumn. The Blue version is set to land in Japan and other countries during the summer, just as all the others will.

   For whatever reason we couldn't seem to find official pictures of the red and brown variants which is as shame because the blue and purple phones, pictured below, look really great. We do know however, that the brown one has popped up in videos before and you can see a screenshot of  that in the header image above. If you wanted to find it in the video it's at 1 minute 8 seconds here!
Via SamMobile.


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