Friday 17 May 2013

LG set to announce a waterproof version of the Optimus G for Taiwan?

The LG Optimus G L-01E for NTT DoCoMo.
   We are starting to see the dawn of smartphones which are more durable. If you think that already this year Sony have made their flagship device, the Xperia Z, both water and dust proof, Google have said that they want to see devices which are durable and have insane battery life and well it makes sense for LG to join the party too!

   That's why we have the device which we see above, the LG Optimus GJ. The device is to all intents and purposes the original Optimus G but waterproofed and made tougher. Yes, the Optimus G2 is waiting in the wings, but for some people longevity is more important that specs and that's why it's quite likely that we'll see a device officially announced on May the 22nd in Taiwan.

   Most of the features will remain as they did on the original Optimus G according to the reports, but there's set to be the addition of IPX7 waterproofing on board this time! That will give the phone water resilience for up to 30 minutes at depths of one metre!

   The whole rumour is made more likely by the fact that the device pictured above looks very similar to the one below. The Optimus G L-01E pictured above, is already selling on NTT DoCoMo in Japan so it wouldn't be too much for the device to get a cheeky rebrand before heading to Taiwan and that's what we expect to see next week and the device we expect to see is pictured below!


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