Friday 17 May 2013

Dell update us on Project Ophelia: Set to arrive this month for developers and mid-summer for consumers!

   Those of you with exceedingly good memories will probably remember that we covered Dell's new Project Ophelia all the way back at CES in January right at the start of this year! The project has seemingly come a long way from what was supposed to be a portal to your online world back in January.

   There are still the initial uses which Dell touted earlier in the year: so there's still Wyse's PocketCloud, which gives you access to your files on your PC or server or whatever else you connect this thing to. Dell want to offer the Ophelia to enterprises as a tiny client which IT administrators can manage and easily secure. Features such as remote wipe for accidental losses and something called 'cloud client manager' will give administrators access to where users are and how they're using their Ophelias! This focus on enterprise will be important for Dell because, as they said, "enterprise is one market we understand," but Dell won't make this device totally boring, instead they've, "done a number of things in the software of the product and outside that will make it interesting."

   As part of that Project Ophelia is now set to be more akin to the OUYA or Gamestick and it will plug directly into your HDMI port and you can make the most of the mini computer's Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities however you see fit.

   The device will ship with Google Play pre-installed and you can, as Dell's Jeff McNaught says make what you please of the device. For example you can play games, run the device as a mini-pc to do your cloud computing, turn it into a set-top box to watch Hulu or Netflix or whatever else you fancy, you might want to make it a little media manager!

   Dell said that the device is supposed to act as an inexpensive alternative to tablets and PCs and we will get a better feel for what the devices primary use will be next week at Citrix Synergy in LA as the device will be shown off on 19 and 55-inch screens!

   The first batch of Ophelias will arrive this month for developers who want to write apps for it and later in the year, most likely August the device will be offered through cable television and telecom providers and again after that people can buy it direct from Dell for about $100!

   What do you think? Will this be like every other Android TV stick or will Dell be able to add value? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Via PCWorld.


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