Friday 17 May 2013

HTC start resolving supply issues for their flagship as the J Butterfly sales spike in Japan because of price cuts before the new software update!

   According to the Taiwanese publication Focus Taiwan, HTC are finally starting to overcome their production hurdles they've had with the HTC One! That means that HTC are planning to ramp up the production of the flagship and they expect to see production capacity double through to the end of this month compared to the amount which were produced in April!

   Focus Taiwan's report says that HTC have started to resolve the issues which they faced with the production of key components like that Ultrapixel camera which was initially tough to produce and had low yields. HTC's North Asia president said the sales were rising to meet 'strong demand' and hopefully this will address the sales which were blocked early on because there simply weren't enough available.

   Tong said that production will increase through June too as:

"Our capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May. We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June."

   It seems as though HTC is finally starting to overcome the hurdles which they had initially because of the custom components they chose to use.

   One other thing which Focus Taiwan mentioned was that HTC's J Butterfly has experienced good sales lately too because the phone has been made available for free with contracts in Japan. The phone is especially appealing at that price because there are set to be updates for the device at the end of the month which bring it onto Sense 5.0 and with the extra features like HTC BlinkFeed.
FocusTaiwan Via ZDNet.


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