Thursday 23 May 2013

The HTC One is reportedly in 5 million pockets!

   The last few days have been nothing short of a rollercoaster for HTC. They've been losing execs left, right and centre and apparently that's continued over night, so we'll bring you news of that in the coming hours. But, this is a little surprising because things don't seem to be all that bad if the WallStreetJournal has got the sales figures for the HTC One correct.

   The WSJ spoke with an anonymous HTC executive who reported that the HTC One is selling “pretty good so far.” We'll come onto specifics, but there was said to be one thing which was hampering sales and that was the issues producing the device, which are still affecting HTC, although these are expected to be largely resolved by the end of next month!

   The exact words spoken were:
"Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it's doing really well or not."
   That's quite interesting because that says that demand is still outstripping supply of the flagship, which means the company could sell even more than the 5 million units which have been sold already.

   Five million sales isn't bad going by any stretch of the imagination, that's half the amount of Galaxy S4's which Samsung have shipped and it's nothing to be scoffed at, especially if there is still much more demand for the phone, which hasn't been met!

   Obviously the person who will be most pleased will be HTC's CEO Peter Chow, who vowed to step down if the HTC One didn't deliver. There's a few more months to pass before we can call the phone a success, but it seems that it's well on the way to being one!
WSJ Via AndroidAuthority.


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