Friday 24 May 2013

HTC put their history of innovating into a three minute video: Needs to look forward more!

   We all know HTC make great phones. The HTC One this year, the HTC One X the year before, the HTC G1 and there's been great little phones like the HTC Desire and the Wildfire in amongst those too.

   HTC have selected their own highlights of what the company's achieved so far and put them into this little mundane video down below. It shows things all the way through from the Compaq iPAQ pocket PC right up to Beats Audio, which they're mighty proud of, and it concludes with the HTC One. It's a nice little video, but it feels a little downbeat and there's some glaring omissions like the Nexus One, but we just feel that the company should portray themselves as vibrant and exciting, but instead we're told that:
"We've come a long way, but one thing hasn't changed – it's people like you that inspire us to create the most innovative products in a world that becomes more connected every day."
   What we want HTC is for you to look to the future with more excitement of what's to come! The company has said they want to drop the 'quietly brilliant' tagline, but this ad seems to reinforce it all over again!
Via AndroidPolice.


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