Wednesday 29 May 2013

Samsung's ATIV S gets further price cuts in the UK as successor is expected soon!

   Samsung's Windows phones aren't necessarily as popular as their Android sisters, but that hasn't really meant that people have dropped the price on this ATIV S smartphone until recently. The reasons for the price drops lately seem to have been quite steep and we believe that has something to do with the event which Samsung are holding on the 20th of June.

   Samsung have promised to show off new Galaxy devices and a new ATIV options too and given that the ATIV S is over a year old now, it would make sense that companies are trying to cleat their inventory before a nice Windows Phone flagship lands!

   That's why you can pick the 16GB version of the ATIV S cheaply here in the UK at the moment. The device is currently available for £239.99 at Handtec and it's down to £244.99 at Expansys. Both of these are great prices and if you want a good phone at a reasonable price then this might be worth looking at!


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