Friday, 17 May 2013

People now spend more on smartphone gaming then dedicated portable consoles!

Image Credit: Mashable.
   The guys over at AllThingsD have been able to get their hands on a report before it was published which indicates that for the first quarter of this year mobile gaming had more money spent on it than the dedicated handheld console, which consists of devices like the Nintendo DS and PS Vita,  market did.

    To be fair this comparison in Q1 is a little deceiving. The sales on portable handhelds like the PS Vita are very cyclical and they tend to focus very heavily on the Christmas period, whereas mobile gaming has a consistent stream of high quality games coming to the market throughout the year so it's not just a one off, as you can see in the bar charts below.

   The thing is that with mobile games getting ever better and your mobile phone and tablet becoming ever more powerful, people find it hard to justify the extra outlay on devices which offer comparable experiences. Lets face it, if we could play Angry Birds on our phone and only have it ad-supported, instead of dropping $30 on it for a console game, we think we'd probably opt for the free version. This price gap definitely has some sort of impact because people are more inclined to spend little amounts more often on mobile games then make more substantial purchases on dedicated games.

   The interesting thing to see now will be what direction this market goes in the future. Will everything be on your phone or do mobile games  consoles still have a place? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!
Via AllThingsD.


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