Friday 24 May 2013

Various reports concur: HTC One 'Google Edition' seems increasingly likely!

   The HTC One is already a popular device having shipped 5 million units according to reports this week! But, where Samsung goes people normally follow and it seems as though HTC are going to make their flagship phone in a 'Google Edition' too, with various reports around the web all saying the same thing, but from a variety of 'sources'.

   The first report today was from the guys at MoDaCo, who are usually pretty accurate when it comes to this sort of thing. The guys said that:
"HTC has said on many, many occasions that it'll never happen... but we're hearing from multiple reliable sources that, barring a sudden change of heart, a 'Google Edition' of the HTC One is set to be announced next week."
   They added that the device is set to be a US only release and they're currently unsure about whether it will support T-Mobile USA HSPA+ bands, but that will be compensated for by the 64GB of internal storage which they think will land with the device.

   The rumour is made all the more credible by the guys over at Geek reporting the same thing. They have a slightly different time frame, but the fundamental points are the same, they said:
"Sources claim this vanilla HTC One will be announced within the next two weeks, with potential release slated for sometime this summer. This falls in line with claims from HTC that production for the One will be doubling soon, as well as plan to have the HTC One updates to Android 4.2.2. in the same time frame."
   The point about the production of the HTC One being stepped up is very interesting and it's something which other people seem to have overlooked, but it definitely makes sense in our minds!

   What do you think? Is this something which you'd be interested in or would you prefer a Google Edition Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below!
Via Geek and Modaco.


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