Wednesday 29 May 2013

Oppo extend their worldwide warranty to 2 years for their smartphones!

   Oppo are already well known for their great support in terms of software updates which they push out once every two weeks. Their phone has also received great reviews from around the web and the recent European release has prompted the company to extend their support to more than just the software department.

   Oppo have today announced that they will be giving all of their customers around the world a full two year warranty with their new Oppo Find 5 devices and all of their smartphones later on. This decision was in part due to the required two year warranty period in EU law, which the majority of companies tend to ignore anyway. The full announcement which was sent out via email can be found below:

"Dear Customer ,
We have decided to bump the warranty period on the smartphones we sell from one year to two years; for all our past, present and future customers. Globally.
When we launched Europe on Monday, a lot of European customers were confused as to why we only offered a one year warranty, while local European retailers were required by law to offer two years.
This misunderstanding stems from the fact that, although we sell in the EU and pay duties and taxes, we are not an EU company. Our company is registered in Hong Kong, where the law requires us to provide a one year warranty. However, we realize that in practice the exact legal status of our policies is not important.
As a company that’s in it for the long run, what’s important to us is that our customers are happy and have faith in our vision, products and service. Without support from our customers, we cannot possibly continue to grow.
Of course, it would be unfair to announce a two year warranty for Europeans while providing only one year to the rest of the world, which is why everyone can now enjoy our two year warranty policy. The first year is a manufacturer’s warranty provided by OPPO, while we at take care of the second year. The specifics of the second year warranty, i.e. whether we provide a repair, exchange, or other solution; will be dependent on the situation and what stock/spare parts we have available at that time.
Thanks for all the feedback. We hope that we can keep earning your support for years to come.

Sincerely, Team"


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