Friday 31 May 2013

CNet say Acer will produce an Android-powered All-In-One computer!

Acer Smart Display DA220HQL.
   Well we're not entirely sure what to say on this one, but the guys over at CNet are reporting that they believe there will be a new All-In-One computer from Acer which will run Android on a brand new Intel Haswell Core-i5 4430 clocked at 3GHz.

   Obviously we've been hearing a lot about how unpopular Windows 8 has been, despite the update to WIndows 8.1 being announced yesterday, it's still not known whether this will help turn the platform around. So Acer are planning on ditching Microsoft's OS all together and going with Android instead according to CNet. This is something which Acer have tried before through their 21.5-inch ARM-powered Smart Display DA220HQL, which you can see above, but we've not seen Android running on anything as powerful as Intel's i5 processor before!

   If CNet are correct then the new All-In-One will be a lot cheaper than its contemporaries because Acer won't have to pay the licensing fee for Windows 8 and theoretically this could see the device land with that i5 processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM cost somewhere in the region of $400.

   Those specs seem somewhat undercooked and we'd be really surprised if that was right, but it'd be interesting to see if Android can really make the step up to a full operating system!
Via CNet.


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