Friday 24 May 2013

Deal alert: WESC Conga headphones for £9.99 from Zavvi!

   The WESC Conga headphones are great stylish headphones and we thought of the very highly in our review of the headphones! It turns out that they're on sale at Zavvi and they're currently running an insane promotion which sees the headphones priced up at £9.99 when you apply the £30 discount code.

   The way you have to do this is point your browser to Zavvi's page here pick your colour you want, at the time of writing there's Green, Matte Red and Blue Iris available and then when you get to the checkout stage you have to enter the code THGWESC and boom £9.99 for a solid set of fashionable headphones!

   For our thoughts on the headphones check out our review here and for this price you can't really get them anywhere else cheaper!

Click to enlarge!


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