Tuesday 28 May 2013

Google working on blimps to give mass network coverage.

   We already know that Microsoft are working hard to bring new technology and investment to Africa, but it seems that they aren't the only tech giant with their eyes on developing regions. Google are said to be testing new ways to get internet to some of the hardest to reach places and areas where there is very little infrastructure. The solution to this problem in Google's mind is to create a series of blimps which will bean WiFi signal onto communities to give them access to the net!

   According to the guys over at Wired, Google is working on "high-altitude platforms," that will have the ability to connect more than a billion more people to the Internet. The blimps are aiming to offer signals as far as a few hundred miles away from the position of the blimp. As we know Google has been testing the signals on TV White Spaces in South Africa and this is likely to be part of the same project.

   According to Google's blog post they said:
"White Space technology is gaining momentum around the world. In the US, it is already available for licensed exempt uses. In the UK, regulator Ofcom is working on a model regulatory framework based on a licence-exempt or ‘managed access’ use of television white spaces spectrum. We hope the results of the trial will drive similar regulatory developments in South Africa and other African countries." 
   This sort of network will become more popular in the coming years and we fully expect there to be as much competition in these long range mobile networks as their is in the current mobile arena!
Google Via Wired.


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