Monday 27 May 2013

Lenovo looking to expand their smartphone brand to the US within a year!

   Lenovo are already a huge company inside China and Asia more generally and they seem to sell a fair few laptops in the UK too. Today though the news is about their smartphone division: an area which the guys are looking to grow in the coming years. A key part of that is expansion and according to the Wall Street Journal Lenovo's CEO, Yang Yuanqing, has said he wants his phones in the US within the year!

   Yang said that: "Smartphones are our new opportunity... [and] As a public company you always have to consider how to grow." The main issue which Lenovo will be facing is the stiff competition and the relatively small amount of brand awareness which the company has in the US. The company is well known in Asia and they're growing their presence in Europe, but the US is a different kettle of fish, as Nokia have been finding lately!

   The issue is, as Yang said, that the smartphone market "is more like the fashion industry," and Apple and Samsung are currently the 'in' brands and this is something which Yang hopes to overcome through marketing, something he wants to strengthen as the phones arrive.

   What do you think? Would you be interested in a Lenovo phone like the K900? Let us know in the comments below!
WSJ Via TheVerge.


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