Friday 24 May 2013

Samsung's first Tizen devices start popping up all over the place!

   Samsung, as we all know, are having a great time in the mobile market at the moment when it comes to their phones which run Android. Google and Samsung keep reiterating their commitments to one another and there's not really any reason to doubt that. While Android is great for the moment it might not always be that way and that's why Samsung are busy working with Intel on the new open-source Tizen platform!

   We reported a couple of days ago that the Tizen SDK is now in version 2.1 and we're starting to see a couple of tidbits about Samsung's phones with the OS on board popping up! The first is probably the most interesting and it's this picture of the Samsung GT-I8800 from the  Greek Tizen Community. This is said to have the codename 'Redwood', but aside from that we don't know much except for that it's running Tizen 2.1 and it has S-Voice on board.

   The second bit of news is that the guys at Techtastic have spotted a useragent file which seemingly reveals the first hardware specifications, but this time on the GT-I8805. The device is seemingly rocking an LTE modem, a 720p display and a slightly ageing ARM Cortex-A9 processor. This looks as though it could be a solid mid-range phone assuming it has a reasonable price tag too!

   What do you think? Has Tizen got a future? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Engadget (1) and (2).


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