Thursday 30 May 2013

Google's Sundar Pichai says the Nexus programme will go on, Guest modes for Android is important and explains the Windows Phone YouTube app issues!

   Google's Sundar Pichai is the man in charge of both of the Android and Chrome divisions at Google and he is also in charge of Google's Chrome operation too. That was why the honour of confirming the HTC One Google Edition fell to him earlier on today and that announcement together with the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 have had people wondering about the future of the Nexus program.

   Turns out we shouldn't be worried because Pichai said today at the D11 conference that these Google Edition devices are similar to the Nexus program, but they're not the same:
"The goal with Nexus was to push forward hardware with partners. That will continue as well."
So theoretically that means we will still have hardware which will be sold at cost from Google and their partners in the coming months!
   It's not just the hardware which Google are working on at the moment either with Pichai revealing that software enhancements are the order of the day too. Google are said to be looking for ways in which Chrome-like privacy can be brought to their Android operating system.
"When we did Chrome, we invested in incognito mode. Now you can do that on the phone [through the Chrome app]... You're completely not signed-in, and we don't know anything about you. We do want more things like that, though. From a security, child safety, etc. standpoint. Chrome OS lets you be a guest user. We're working on things like that on Android."
   There was also a mention of the hoohar which Google and Microsoft have had lately over the lack of an official YouTube app from Google for the Windows Phone platform! The reason Google haven't made an app already is said to be down to a lack of "a critical mass of users... It's simply a function of reach," and instead Google were hoping originally that Windows Phone users could enjoy the "great HTML5 experience," which YouTube offers.
Via AllThingsD, PocketLint and TheVerge.


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