Tuesday 21 May 2013

Here's how the processor companies market shares compare from 2012!

   According to a report from Digitimes there has been some change in the people who produce the most processors in the world, figures which have been influenced lately by the decline in sales of traditional computers, sales which have instead gone to mobile devices.

   With that in mind Digitimes is reporting that Samsung and Qualcomm now ship more processors then AMD, who now find themselves in fourth place, behind the others which are second and third respectively. Intel are still running the show with 65.3% of the market share, but obviously there are growing threats from the ARM-based rivals and that's why Intel are working really hard on their Atom processors.

   This doesn't mean that AMD had a particularly bad year last year, they still shipped $3.605 billion worth of processors, but that was a 21% decline on the year before! During the same period Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor sales increased by a similar amount, 28% to be exact giving the company a $5.3 billion income through 2012.

   Samsung saw similar growth with their sales growing 78% throughout the year, something which the people behind the details say that Samsung made 83% of their processor revenues for the period came from Apple's orders.

   Into the future we expect companies to produce more and more ARM-based processors, but we'll have to wait and see what Intel can do to maintain their market share.
Digitimes Via TheVerge.


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