Wednesday 15 May 2013

Rovio partner with Sony for a 3D animated comedy film arriving in 2016!

   Rovio have been busy lately: first it was Rovio Stars and now they're busy confirming that they'll have a new film on the way! Today it's been announced that Sony Pictures have won an exclusive worldwide distribution contract for an upcoming Angry Birds film!

   The film is set to be a 3D animated comedy which is being funded, produced and developed by Rovio and will subsequently be released by Sony on the 1st of July 2016. According to Rovio's press release there were a ton of applicants and they decided Sony were the best bet.

   The film will give key positions to John Cohen and David Maisel, both of which are famous in their own right already. Cohen has already produced Despicable Me and Maisel has been executive producer of Iron Man, so these are big names! The pair said:
 “We are very excited to join with Sony Pictures in presenting this movie to the world in 2016 and we will have many more announcements as we begin production in the coming months.”

   Rovio's Mikael Hed added that:
 “Sony impressed us with their great attitude, determination, and professionalism. They convinced us that we have found the right partners and team to help us market and distribute our first motion picture. Michael, Amy, Jeff Blake, Sony's marketing and distribution head, and their teams will be the best possible collaborators as we get set to take our franchise to the next level.”
   The movie basically builds on the direction which Rovio are already taking with their little Toons series which is broadcast weekly on their Angry Birds apps! It'll be great to see where the guys take the film and how they make a story about pigs stealing eggs last an hour and a bit, but we'll be at the premier!
Rovio Via Twitter.


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