Tuesday 14 May 2013

Rovio takes the first step to becoming a publisher with the launch of the 'Rovio Stars' programme!

   We all know and love Rovio for their Angry Birds series of mobile games and subsequently their toys, lunch boxes and we know they do ice cream in Finland and we love them for that! Today though their attention isn't on any of those, instead they have their eye on a slice of the games publishing market!

   Today the company announced their new initiative which sees their new Rovio Stars department begin the task of finding the 'best new games from talented and innovative developers.' Rovio's Executive Vice President of Games, Jami Laes, said:
“Rovio Entertainment has positioned itself as one of the powerhouses of mobile entertainment, so moving into publishing is a logical step for us at this point... We want to help our fans find quality entertainment among the more than 100,000 games available in app stores. That’s where Rovio Stars comes in.”
   The company's Kalle Kaivola, who's the Director of Development added that:
“In the course of our work, we run into so many fantastic upcoming titles -- games with memorable characters and entertaining gameplay that are also just really fun to play!... These are the sorts of titles we’re interested in. We want to help the developers to give these games that last coat of polish, publish the games and find their audience. We’re focusing on a small, select number of games, and each Rovio Stars launch will be an event of its own.”
   Rovio have already chosen the first game which they want to be published throught the partnership and that will be a game called "Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage" which has been made by Nitrome Ltd. This game is described as being, 'the adventure of a lone Viking, combining a unique ice slicing mechanic with an offbeat humour.' The game will be followed by the publishing of a game called "Tiny Thief" by the guys at 5 Ants, which is a 'beautiful medieval adventure featuring stealth-based puzzles.'

   Naturally this project will work both ways; smaller developers get the help, assistance and promotion which Rovio can offer them and we assume Rovio get a cut of the financial benefits that their name brings, although that's all we can assume without knowing the details. The in and outs don't really matter though as long as good games get onto people's devices then we'll all be happy come the morning commute!
Rovio via AndroidCommunity.


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