Friday 3 May 2013

LG said to be working on OLED phone screens and a Nexus 5 as they draw closer to Google!

  Things are starting to look up for LG lately; yes their phones are a bit like Samsung's, but they're also very good. Take a look at that Nexus 4, it's certainly not the case that LG don't know how to design a good looking phone. It seems like the guys want to take their phone business a bit further and today there's been a fair few rumours about upcoming phones as well as a shift in their technology plans.

   First and foremost the Korean Times is reporting that LG have said, via their spokesperson, Frank Lee that:
“LG Display will produce an ‘unbreakable OLED display’, the first phase of flexible displays, at our AP2 line of the 4.5th-generation plant in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The move is aimed at taking a lead over rivals in the race for next-generation displays.”
   This obviously marks a shift towards OLED displays and suggests that LG think they're the future too. The unbreakable bit just refers to the way that the pixels are glued to plastic instead of the glass like they are at the moment. The plastic is meant to make everything more flexible and in theory meaning that they won't break if they're dropped.

   Secondly, another report from the Korean Times suggests that LG and Google are set to work together on a successor to the Nexus 4, as well as the pair drawing closer on TV's, powered by Google and things like the Glass headset which Google are also working on at the moment. According to 'sources' the two companies:
“They exchanged views about the latest mega trend in the global information technology (IT) industry. They also discussed how to form an alliance in futuristic projects as part of the big picture.”
   One of the reasons for this drawing together is said to be the 'novel' way which LG has developed for using head-mounted displays, with web connected TV's, but we aren't given any details of what they are.

   The key thing to draw from this is, as the Korean Time's sources rightly point out, that, “LG needs help from Google to continue its business momentum in smartphones and TVs. That’s why Koo met Page.”

   What do you think? Do LG need Google or can they grow without their help? Or do you want a LG Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments below!

Via AndroidBeat and TechCrunch.


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