Monday 6 May 2013

Intel's Silvermont processor to be three times faster and more energy efficient!

   For years ARM has been the dominant platform in the mobile arena, but in recent years Intel have been working their socks off to get their power consumption levels down, whilst providing the same performance as their ARM counterparts. Lately Intel's been getting there, for example the Asus Fonepad has insane batter life and the Motorola Razr I is an extremely capable phone with a good battery life too.

   With the next generation though, Intel wants to take things to a new level and that starts today with the announcement of the Silvermont line of Atom processors. According to Intel their new architecture will enable processors which operate at up to three times the speed of the models which are on sale at the moment and depending on what model companies choose to use, that could mean that some processors will use a fifth of the battery which current processors do! 

   The changes in power consumption stem from Intel's new 22nm process and the new Tri-Gate transistors. The platform is designed for mobile, but should the need be there the Systems can support up to eight cores on a chip and they can be used in Ultrabooks and datacentres of the future!

   If you're interested in the most comprehensive run down there is on the internet, then head over to Anandtech and prepare to have your mind blown!
Via ZDNet.


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