Tuesday 14 May 2013

Everything from Blackberry Live's keynote today!

   There was a heck of a lot to come from the Blackberry Live keynote today and there was a little surprise in store which we reported earlier too! There's a bit to get through, but a solid place to start is Blackberry Channels!

Blackberry Channels.

   There's not really a good way to describe this except for saying that it seems as though Blackberry want BBM to become like a social network, where you follow people's 'channels'! Naturally it took Lewis Hamilton's presence to show off the feature didn't it?! It sounds very much like Twitter to us, see what Blackberry describe it as below!
  • Create a channel – Create, edit and publish in an instant, and there are no limits to the number of followers you can have in your channel. Securely manage your channel from either a BlackBerry smartphone or the web.
  • Discover channels – BBM Channels includes a carousel that lets you discover new channels. You can share channel invites within a BBM chat, and people can be added or invited using the channel’s PIN or QR code.
  • View – View profiles for each BBM Channel you choose to follow.
  • Subscribe – Subscribing to a channel allows the channel owner to send you timely and relevant updates, giving the subscriber instant access to your news, deals, events or whatever you want to communicate. Subscribers can choose to receive notifications when new posts are available.
  • Participate – Participate and engage in conversations with your favorite people or communities by “Commenting” and “Liking” posts from channels you subscribe to. Channel owners have the option to directly chat one-on-one with a subscriber.
  • Monitor engagement – Easily use built-in measuring tools to assess and monitor follower engagement and interaction
The Blackberry Q5!

   This is a sweet little phone which is targeted at the mid-range and assuming this device doesn't cost too much above £100 off contract then this will be a huge hit. If however this strays above £200, we don't expect it will sell very well at all! For the full run down on this check out our post here!

In car systems!

   Blackberry also showed off the first phone to car video call which has been made piblic today as Blackberry's head of software portfolio, Vivek Bhardwaj, made a video call to Thorsten Heins, the companies CEO, while he was chilling in a Bentley concept car!

   This feature might be something we see more in the future with people such as Tesla already busy with touch displays in cars. One advantage which Blackberry see their design as having is that you can switch the video call to a voice call as soon as you start driving so that you won't be distracted by looking at the person on the other end of the line!

Extended Blackberry Q10 availability!

   Blackberry's already announced Q10 smartphone hasn't had a great welcome with it only being available in select places at the moment. But, the phone is now destined for the shelves of Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States of America!

Blackberry's Enterprise Solution 10 hits versions 10.1!

   This isn't necessarily something which a lot of you will be using, but this now has support for Blackberry 10 devices, the Blackberry PlayBook, Android and iOS devices! You can find all the details here!

BB10.1 rollout!

   It was also confirmed that BB10.1 would roll out onto Z10's in the US later this month. If you missed the news on what the update brings then you can check that out here!

Skype lands on BB10!

   Finally, finally, finally Skype is available on the Blackberry Z10 as well as the sister device the Q10! This was confirmed by the tweet below!


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