Wednesday 1 May 2013

Big redesigns tipped in the Mail and Calender apps for iOS. Wider redesign will wait according to Bloomberg!

   It was just yesterday that we brought you news that Apple were supposedly redesigning iOS to make things look a bit flatter. Well it seems that Bloomberg has chimed in now with their opinion on what will be changing in the next version of iOS and as well as the update to the interface the Mail and Calender apps are reported to be in line for overhauls.

   According to Bloomberg's take on the matter the next version of iOS is at risk of being delayed because of the wide "software overhaul." As we've said there's meant to be a new flatter aesthetic, but the biggest change is set to take place in the Mail and Calender apps. In these two areas Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is "exploring more dramatic changes", which may mean that an update with the refreshes in will land later than the update for the rest of the system. 

   The man behind all of this is Apple's Jony, who is the company's new software chief having taken over from Scott Forstall. He is probably seeking to address the remarks from analysts like Benedict Evans, who Bloomberg quote as saying that, “There is a tidying up that needs to be done and a rethinking.” Part of this rethinking could be the way in which gestures are incorporated into the system, something which Jony Ive has supposedly been exploring lately because of Ive's interest in "altering how people control their computers."

   We'll leave you with Bloomberg's comments that the changes are unlikely to be drastic in iOS 7, we would think that Ive's influence will only be felt this time next year after he really gets to grips with his new role! What do you think? Does iOS need a redesign or just refinement? Let us know in the comments below!
Bloomberg Via TheVerge.


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