Monday 6 May 2013

Asus announce their Q1 results: Profit up 5% year-over-year!

   Asus' tag line is 'In search of incredible' at the moment and while their sales aren't exactly 'incredible' at the moment the guys from Taiwan aren't doing too badly lately, with their laptops, tablets and their small range of phones starting to garner ever more attention!

   The latest device, the Fonepad is a bit of a mishmash of phone and tablet, but at an incredibly low cost initial reviews have been good. But, that device wasn't around for Q1 so how did things go? Not too badly it seems, in spite of the shrinking PC market. The guys reported a total revenue of $3.5 billion which provided a quarterly profit of $202 million. That's an increase of 5.8% year-on-year and in the current climate that's not bad going at all!

    The earnings call shows the drop off of sales of notebooks (laptops) and the PC components,but the good news for Asus was that there were 3 million tablet sales in the first three months of the year and this made up the difference!

   Things are also going surprisingly well in America, where the company got 23% of their revenue from, which is 6% more than the same period last year earnt them from the region. According to Engadget, the outlook is set to be flat which the guys concluded meant that there won't be a replacement for the Nexus 7 until Q3. We're not sure quite how much the Nexus devices make their manufacturers given that they're sold at cost, but with computer sales on the decrease the sales of Asus' own branded tablets will become more important over the next few quarters!
Via Engadget.


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