Tuesday 7 May 2013

Apple and Samsung take all of the mobile industries profit: Everyone else sees negligible incomes or losses!

   Samsung and Apple are the biggest rivals in so many ways. It's Android vs. iOS, patent wars, Samsung's manufacturing contracts for Apple, iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 and we're sure there's more we could have come up with. The one thing which they both manage to do is sell their mobile phones, by the bucket load!

   Unfortunately, that's not a claim many other companies can have according to a recent report from Canaccord Genuity which was given to AppleInsider. The report shows how during the first three months of this year Apple managed to secure a whopping 57% of the mobile phone industry’s profit and the remaining 43% lined Samsung's pockets.

   That means that everyone else made a loss or they earnt next to nothing. HTC and LG saw the slimmest of profits and Sony, Nokia and Motorola all saw their money go down the metaphorical pan. That's not really good news for us consumers because it means that from our point of view some companies might be looking to give up in the arena unless they can turn things around. The thing with the mobile phone industry is that things change very quickly, in recent years Nokia have gone from hero to zero! So things could all change again!
Via AndroidBeat.


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