Sunday 24 March 2013

Wildlife Mobile: Donate to charity through your phone usage!

   We're not sure whether or not you guys have ever heard of Wildlife mobile or not, but we're all for good causes and when we stumbled across this one we thought we would show you that there's an option there if you wanted it!

   Wildlife Mobile is essentially the WWF's attempt to raise extra money without demanding a direct contribution. It's basically a good middle ground between direct donations and getting something in return for your donation. In this scenario the amount of money which goes to the WWF is 10 per cent of their net revenue from whichever package you choose to take out!

   That's all well and good, but we know that we live in a time where not everyone has huge amounts of money to throw at services. So here's a couple of questions which we've considered for you!

Will I get any signal? 
Yes, you don't need to worry too much about whether or not you'll be getting signal because this is an MNVO riding on the back of Vodafone's network, so there's a good coverage already!

Is this pay as you go or a contract service?
Wildlife mobile offers both, they're not necessarily the cheapest, but that's not necessarily the point of the network!

The 'bundles' are prepay, so there's no contract, you essentially 'top-up' however much each month and you received the allowance you see in the chart below.

For those of you after a Pay-as-you-go solution then below are the standard rates for Wildlife mobile compared to the rates which they say are the costs for other networks! Another interesting thing with this option is that Wildlife mobile do what Tesco do and whatever amount you top up your allowance is automatically doubled, so £10 and you get £10 'free', £20 and £20 free and so on!

   The service is relatively new, having only launched in January, but when it did the WWF's communications and fundraising director, Tobin Aldrich said:
“Innovation in mobile fundraising is key. Not only does WWF Wildlife Mobile give us an unrestricted revenue stream, it also provides us with a compelling new channel through which to communicate with both existing and potentially new supporters.”


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