Monday 11 March 2013

Samsung tease colour options for the Galaxy S4, as supposed pictures of the device arrive on a Chinese forum!

   Today Samsung have pushed out their second video teaser for the Galaxy S4 launch which is taking place this Thursday! This time the teaser was just as reserved as the last one when it came to details, but there was something in particular which Samsung seemed to be hinting at very heavily.

Is this the Galaxy S4 Duos?
We think probably not!
   Throughout the video most of the conversation centres on colour and right at the end of the teaser the mother says, 'I've set aside your colour ties for your big day'! So if we were betting men would suggest that this is a reference to the range of colours this phone will be available in! Lately we've seen Samsung offering a huge range of colours for their phones; we've had everything from red and pink, through to brown and that iconic 'pebble blue'. Given the bright colours on offer in Nokia's Lumia range and with Windows Phones in general, as well as the fact that Samsung want their devices to appeal to everyone, offering a nice range of colours is a sure-fire way to secure that blanket attraction!

   Other than this teaser then here's some pictures of what SamMobile believes is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos. Essentially this is meant to be the dual-sim version of the Galaxy S4 for China, we're not convinced just yet because this is so similar to the Galaxy S3, it could just have been a prototype of that, but we're happy to be proved wrong this Thursday!

Via PhoneArena and SamMobile.


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