Tuesday 12 March 2013

Is the HTC One delayed? Here are the ship dates for a variety of UK retails! [Updated: It looks like it is!]

   HTC's One has been called 'the gold standard for Android devices', the speakers have been praised by pretty much every one who's used one and HTC have still opted to use the top notch materials they've become famous for. So, as you would expect from a device designed to turn HTC's fortunes around, this has been a popular device from the get go!

   Unfortunately, HTC will seemingly miss the launch date of March 15th in the UK, from at least one provider anyway! Online retailer Clove announced via their Twitter and blog pages that they won't be shipping the device until the 29th of March! 

   We're not sure if this delay is going to affect everyone, we've had a little flick around some of the phone sellers online and Vodafone expect to ship devices on the 15th still, as do Phones4U, but you have to go through to the basket stage to check the date on Vodafone.

   Three, however, have updated their pre-order page, which now says that they expect to ship devices to people on the 30th of April for the black model, but the date remains March 15th for the silver version! And finally, the Carphone Warehouse currently expect orders to ship on March 29th!

   This is all intriguing, we're not exactly sure what's going on here, we can speculate that some stores already have the first batch of phones with them and a second batch is going to take a bit longer to make! If not, the device may well be delayed, but because the news broke quite late in the day here, some sites haven't got around to updating their websites yet. These delays might have something to do with the manufacturing issues we reported the other day! Either way we hope HTC can get these devices out sooner rather then later, especially with that Samsung announcement happening Thursday!

   We've reached out to Clove to see if HTC gave them a reason for the delays and we'll update the post if we hear back!

[Update 1]
MoDaCo's Paul O'Brian has said that HTC have confirmed to him that the One is delayed until late March, but it is shipping to Germany now! See the Tweet below for more details!
[Update 2]
Android Central have got an official statement from HTC which reads:
"We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April."
So actually not very much has changed, because that's exactly what we were told when the device was announced, it just seems you'll have to look around for the place which ships soonest!

[Update 3]
Eurodroid have got word from Vodafone that the company will get HTC One's to customers 'no later' than the 3rd of April! Ouch! The full quote is below:
"HTC has confirmed there’s a delay to the shipments of the HTC One and, sadly, that means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer than we’d hoped before you can get your hands on your new phone.
We’re contacting anyone who has pre-ordered to let them know about this. We’re aiming to have the phones in people’s hands no later than Wednesday 3 April but we’ll update customers directly once we have more information on individual orders."

Via Clove.


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