Thursday 7 March 2013

Is the iPad Mini starting to show up its bigger brother?

   It seems that after last year's introduction of the iPad Mini has had a fair impact on its bigger full sized iPad according to a rumour from Digitimes. The rumour suggests that Apple has cut their shipment estimates of the bigger iPad's down to 33 million units from their original 60 million estimates!

    We think the iPad Mini has had a significant impact because Apple has speculated that they will ship somewhere in the region of 55 million of their smaller iPads, which is 15 million more than their initial estimates.

   Obviously if Digitimes has got this right then Apple will also not be shifting quite as many iPads as they had expected to originally! To compound that the iPad Mini is also the cheaper product which means that Apple will actually have a smaller revenue overall if that becomes the more popular device!

   Now this is just a rumour at the moment, but if it is correct then Apple might have to think about redesigning or doing something to make the standard iPad a more compelling option. It's hard to deny that the iPad Mini is a good looking device and the narrow bezels make it considerably nicer in the hand than the larger more unwieldy iPad.


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