Tuesday 12 March 2013

Analyst predicts Apple will miss revenue forecast as Intel are rumoured to help with A7 chip production!

    Today Reuters has reported that Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek, has suggested that he thinks Apple has 'a 25 percent chance of missing its quarterly revenue forecast'! He believes that this week's launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will slow iPhone sales.

   Misek even went as far as cutting his sales estimates down from 37.5 million to 35 million iPhones for the quarter which ends this month! Misek seems to have a generally negative outlook for Apple at the moment as he also chopped the company's target stock price down to $420 from $500. Misek added that:
"When handset makers fall out of favor they fall faster/further than expected."
   This is nothing more than one analysts outlook, but Apple's stock was down 1.8 percent on the Nasdaq today!

   Irrespective of analysts opinions Apple will be producing another iPhone and iPad and it's believed that the guys from Cupertino are currently working on deals to secure the production of their next generation of mobile processors, the A7's. According to a rumour from the infamous Digitimes, Apple will be splitting their chip production between Samsung, TSMC and Intel. Each fo whom will be charged with making 50, 40 and 10% of the next gen. processors respectively!

   This is just a rumour for the moment, but we all know that Intel and Apple are cosy on the desktop and laptop front so it's not too much of a stretch to think that Intel would like a hand in Apple's mobile division too!
Via Reuters and Digitimes Via PhoneArena.


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