Wednesday 13 March 2013

Andy Rubin steps away from Android, his replacement comes from the Chrome and Google apps department!

   Today we heard a pretty interesting announcement from Google, the guys announced that Android leader, Andy Rubin, has decided it’s 'time to hand over the reins and start a new chapter at Google'.

   Google haven't really offered any reasons for the change, instead they chose to focus ont he achievements Andy made. That's probably the right thing to do, but we'd obviously prefer to hear the dirt!

   So the man Google have chosen to carry Android forward is Sundar Pichai, who's famed for his work with Chrome and Google Apps, so at the moment Sundar has a fair bit on his plate! Google said that he was the right man because he
 "has a talent for creating products that are technically excellent yet easy to use—and he loves a big bet. Take Chrome, for example. In 2008, people asked whether the world really needed another browser. Today Chrome has hundreds of millions of happy users and is growing fast thanks to its speed, simplicity and security."

   For the moment though, we're not really sure what this means for the future of both Chrome and Android, naturally having the two platforms under the same figurative umbrella means that there's bound to be some overlap, but we can't see the pair being merged with each other just yet. Although, the Chromebook Pixel does introduce that touchscreen so we suppose Chrome OS could learn something from Android in that regard!

   When Larry Page broke the news earlier he acknowledged that, 'Andy’s a really hard act to follow, [but] I know Sundar will do a tremendous job doubling down on Android as we work to push the ecosystem forward,' he moved on to talk up the Nexus programme and he explained how 'we're getting closer to a world where technology takes care of the hard work', we'll have to wait and see exactly what hard work Android will do for us in the future, but we're willing to be apps like Google Now will be a huge part of that!

GoogleBlog Via Phandroid.


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