Wednesday 13 March 2013

Blackberry sell a million BB10-based devices to a mystery suitor!

   BlackBerry and their shiny new QNX based operating system have received mixed reviews, there's been mixed feedback on sales and at the moment we're not really sure how well things are going.

   That might all change with this little bit of news though, because the Canadians have tied up a deal to sell one million of their Blackberry 10 based smartphone to an unnamed partner. Blackberry spokesman Adam Emery told AllThingsD that they are "bound by confidentiality and cannot disclose our partner’s name," which is a shame because we'd love to know what sort of organisation was prepared to buy a million devices and it's almost impossible to guess at who it could be!

   Unsurprisingly, Blackberry's  shares surged when this news broke and according to Reuters, "Nasdaq-listed shares jumped 8 percent to $15.62 in afternoon trading, while its Toronto-listed stock rose 8.3 percent to C$16.06," which is a great boost after the recent hard times!

   Blackberry have also said that this is their largest single order in their history and undoubtedly getting this quantity of handsets into the wild should mean that in some part of the world at least the devices will start to get recognised!

Via Reuters and AllThingsD.


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