Wednesday 6 March 2013

Leaked Galaxy S3 firmware reveals 'smart scroll' and 'smart pause' capabilities!

Smart Scroll settings.
   Some of you might remember yesterday when we mentioned that eye scrolling rumoured to be coming to the Galaxy S4, well over the last twenty four hours there's been a bit of a hoohar about this.

   It all started when SamMobile confirmed that they had screenshots of the 'eye scrolling' coming to the Galaxy S4. Well now most things are said and done it turns out that what they actually had were screenshots of the Galaxy S3 firmware and more specifically the Android 4.2.1 update and so that means that eye scrolling is coming to the Galaxy S3!

   Yesterday we were also pondering over what 'smart pause' could be. It turns out that that feature will automatically pause video when the phone detects you're no longer looking at the screen! Both of these are fantastic features and will be great additions to the Galaxy S3 when the update eventually rolls out.

   There's no official time scale for an Android 4.2 roll out, but we would expect it to be soon after the Galaxy S4 launch next week! We also hope that it will fix the newly discovered lockscreen bypass! With regard to the S4 we expect to see all of these features on that phone from the start, especially seeing as Samsung is preparing them for this current generation of phones.
Via SamMobile.

A brief explanation of Smart Pause!


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