Sunday 17 March 2013

More Galaxy S4 details: Swiftkey and Qualcomm tell us what's inside the S4!

   Samsung's brand new Galaxy S4 was shown off a few days back but we didn't really know everything we ought to have known about it on launch day!

   One of those instances was with the quad-core variant of the smartphone. We knew the processor would be made by Qualcomm, but we weren't sure whether to expect the slightly older S4 Pro processor or the brand new Snapdragon 600, which is the driving force in the LG Optimus G and the HTC One! In this instance the Snapdragon 600 will be clocked at 1.9Ghz, which is a tad faster than it is in the HTC One, but with the bigger battery in the Galaxy S4 we don't expect that will be too much of a battery drain!

   Aside from the things we didn't about the processor, one thing Samsung didn't mention was that SwiftKey is the keyboard of choice on the new phone! SwiftKey's Co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock had this to say in a blogpost:
“Following our great success with the SwiftKey 4 launch last month, we are excited to confirm that Samsung has chosen SwiftKey’s innovative keyboard technology to be at the heart of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. This is fantastic progress for our vision of bringing the best touchscreen typing experience to as many people as possible.”
   We expect Samsung will have skinned the keyboard, but that shouldn't detract too much from the functionality hidden beneath that veil!


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