Thursday 21 March 2013

Apple dominates J D Power's smartphone satisfaction chart for the 9th time on the bounce!

   J D Power & Associates have this little bi-annual report which shows how well smartphone manufacturers are doing when it comes to pleasing their customers and there's one company which has topped the charts for the last nine reports and there's no sign of that dominance changing any time soon!

   That company is Apple, who apparently are extraordinarily good in the customer satisfaction department! Basically how J D Power do it is to take a 1,000 point scale and to award points for performance, design, features, and ease of use! Based on that criteria Apple is a whopping 60 points ahead of their closest rival who, this research suggests, is Nokia! Apple scored highly on design and ease of use, just as they have traditionally. If you check out the graph below, you'll see that Apple is the only manufacturer to score above 800 points and they were the only guys to get the score of 5 out of 5 on the 'Power Circle Ratings'.

    Again as you can see there's five points which separate Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and HTC in the points tally and then LG and Blackberry are left bringing up the rear! We're not sure if we necessarily agree with that, it seems slightly harsh on LG, but if it's what the guys found then there must be something in it? It's interesting that Sony weren't included in the scoring and we're not quite sure why them and the Chinese manufacturers weren't.

   This is only consideration of the smartphone aspect of the scores, there's also a feature phone chart which can be found at the source link below!
J D Power Via Slashgear.


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