Thursday 21 March 2013

In Other News: 21/03/2013.

  • Blackberry confirm that in the seven weeks since BB10 launched there is now 100,000 apps for the platform! Not bad going at all and in the coming weeks that number is set to be bolstered by the arrival of CNN, The Daily Show Headlines, eBay, eMusic, Maxim, MLB at Bat, MTV News, Pageonce, PGA, Rdio, Skype, Soundhound and Viber!
    Via Omio.
  • SamMobile believe that Samsung are busy working on Super Amoled displays for tablets! The guys think that we will see a tablet, possibly the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, launch at IFA in Berlin along with the Galaxy Note III! We'd love to see some Amoled tablets, they're our screens of choice, but is this something you'd be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!
    Via SamMobile.
  • @EVLeaks believe that this is the new Huawei G700. If the guys are on the mark then this is set to have a quad-core Mediatek processor, a 5" HD display and is set to run Android 4.2!
  • The UK retailer Clove has today priced up the Sony Xperia E and the Blackberry Q10! The Xperia E is set to cost £129.99 including VAT, but Blackberry's all-qwerty offering is going to cost a whopping £534.99. To give some perspective on that, that's £5 more than the cheapest iPhone and it'll be in the same ballpark as the Samsung Galaxy S4 when that is released!
    Via Clove (1) and (2).
  • According to Digitimes, HTC is set to open up “330 experimental shops” and “53 large-scale exclusive stores” in Taiwan through this year in a bid to promote their new One flagship! If that's true the implication is that for every 60,000 people in Taiwan there will be a HTC store! If we compare that to Apple in America, there are 250 Apple stores in the USA and with 314 million people then you have 1,256,000 people per store. Perhaps HTC could spend their money slightly more economically?
    Via AndroidBeat.
  • Today Avast's Android app had some difficulties as it started marking GMail, WhatsApp, PayPal, Google Currents and many other apps as malware. This is a 'false positive' error and hopefully by the time this news heads out Avast should have fixed the problem! IF you're having issues then you should manually update your virus definitions or alternatively you can wait for the automatic update!
    Via AndroidCentral.
  • Droid-Life seem to have got their hands on an upcoming version of Google Play! It's strange to see this app leak, but there's pictures and a video on their website here!
  • There's another lock screen bypass for the iPhone today. It's doesn't give you full access to the phone, but it lets you view and edit contacts, look at pictures and it could be a pain in the proverbial bottom if someone gets hold of your phone! Check it out at the sourcelink below!
    Via Phonedog.
And finally, Twitter turned seven years old today! To celebrate the guys showed just how far they'd come in that time and highlighted some of the things which were trending and when. Check out the video below, it's pretty cool!


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