Tuesday 5 March 2013

Are Sony using different displays in regional variants of the Xperia Z?

    When Sony announced the Xperia Z we mentioned our slight concern that the TFT LCF display might have some viewing angle problems, this was something which was echoed by Marques Brownlee. But, the first round of reviews didn't see it as anything too major and lots of people seem to be very happy with their new waterproof handset.

   That's not to say that everything is perfect though, check out this video and some of the pictures below and see if you can notice the difference in screens between the NTT DoCoMo variant and its European cousin. This might just be a difference in the two phones that mobiltelefon.ru got their hands on, but we suspect Sony uses two different displays between their Japanese Xperia Z, the SO-02E and the European C6603.

   Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We're interested to see which one you prefer!
Mobiltelefon.ru Via XperiaBlog.


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