Saturday 16 March 2013

Sony update the app for the Smartwatch: Brings new clockfaces and functionality!

   Sony have released an update for their Smartwatch app! The update brings quite a few new features as well as a set of attractive new options for your clock faces! 

   AndroidCommunity are reporting that one of the biggest changes is that Sony has offered up another seven new clock faces for your eyes to enjoy! The idea is that the new faces will further let you personalise the accessory to 'match your style' and what that basically that means more colours and some more designs. 

   The picture embedded below gives you a few ideas as to what the update adds. There's nothing spectacular, but it's great to have more options on the Smartwatch! Talking of options Sony have been working on the way the app works on non-Sony smartphones so hopefully SmartConnect and the SmartWatch apps will work just a little bit more fluidly! Other improvements have been made to the battery level indicator which has always been a little out and Sony have finally added notification previews! The final change is the ability to search by categories in the 'Search for new applications' function.
Image Credit: Keith Myers via AndroidCommunity.
   To get access to these new faces you'll have to update the watch controller app which you have to download from the Play Store!


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