Tuesday 5 March 2013

German government buys 5,000 Blackberry Z10's.

   Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) this week confirmed that they have struck a deal with Blackberry. The purchase will see the Canadian's providing 5,000 of their shiny new Z10's which will be put to use with the BSI's employees.

    We can speculate that one of the main reasons why Blackberry devices were chosen is because of the great new 'Blackberry Balance' which lets employees separate their work and home environments on the phone, so this is the perfect phone for the new 'bring your own device' culture.

   Naturally because this is the Office for Information Security all of the phones will have an added layer of security, in this case they will all be using Secusmart technology, which adds extra security measures such as data encryption with secure voice and text messaging.

   Perhaps this is the first sign that BlackBerry and more specifically their BB10 operating system will be enough to win back a few of the enterprise customers which the company has relied on in the past. But, let us not forget that Blackberry will need to have a lot more deals like this to make BB10 a success and they'll need a fair few normal consumers to pick up the Z and Q10's, but every little helps right?
Via AllThingsD.


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