Wednesday 27 March 2013

Rumoured Amazon phone is supposedly delayed, just as they officially roll out an X-Ray update!

   Rumours of an Amazon-branded smartphone just won't go away. The company is already a big player in the tablet arena and it makes sense for them to expand into the mobile phone market too, even if that is considerably more challenging in numerous aspects!

The reports circling the web at the moment are from Digitimes, so as always take them with a huge pinch of salt, but there are reports that Amazon are readying a 4.7-inch smartphone for a Q2 release this year! However, things aren't quite that simple: Amazon was supposedly planning to utilise a 4.3-inch screen but they've since chosen to scrap the idea after they saw the size and the popularity of larger phones last year.

   There is reportedly other issues too especially with production over at Foxconn which mean that the date might be pushed back a little more! There's also supposedly hardware components being upgraded, which if true then we expect that to because of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 announcements lately!

   On a somewhat related note, Amazon are expanding their X-Ray feature which connects to IMDB to pull in character and other information on whatever film you have on. But, this feature will now be expanded to work flawlessly with TV shows too!
Via UnwiredView and TheVerge.


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