Tuesday 2 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S Tab rumoured while two 'mega' phones are tipped too!

   If you were to take a look at the picture above what would be the first thing to come into your mind? If you think like us here at TTF you might think that something doesn't look quite right, there's the front-facing ear piece in the middle of what is selling itself as a ten inch tablet and the home button and the touch screen buttons look hopelessly out of place.

   So you know what we think about this, but the guys at SamMobiles are reporting that this is the Samsung Galaxy S Tab, so named because of how well the Galaxy S range of phones has sold lately! According to the guys the tablet will feature a Samsung Exynos 5410 Octa processor with an Imagination Power SGX 544MP3 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of internal storage, which is MicroSD expandable. There's also supposedly a huge 9000 mAh battery, a 10.055″ 2560×1600p display which is set to be either PLS LCD or pentile Super AMOLED and finally there's also meant to be an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front option, both of which are good for 1080p video!

   We would totally love that device to be true and if it exists it will be on our shopping list assuming the price is bewilderingly high. But, as the phrase goes, 'if it seems too good to be true, it probably is' and we think this one is a little too good to be true, but we would expect this device to be a follow up to the Galaxy Note 10.1, as opposed to a Galaxy Tab, the latter of which has traditionally been a budget device!

   Then we come on to part of the the Samsung rumour round-up! Samsung is supposedly working on the Galaxy Mega 5.8 or the GT-I9152 depending on how you prefer to name it. Obviously the naming convention would match up with the size of the screen on the device, just as Samsung's tablets currently do. There's also a Galaxy Mega 6.3 rumoured with the code name GT-I9200. With this one it's interesting because it has previously been rumoured that the next Galaxy Note would carry a screen of that size, so we're not quite sure whether the over lap is because the devices are the same or because the rumours have been inaccurate.
SamMobile via PhoneArena and SamMobile via Phandroid.


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