Wednesday 24 April 2013

Nokia announce the Asha 210 with WhatsApp button built in!

   A couple of days back we reported Nokia's latest teaser which showed off a device with a qwerty keyboard and the insanely bright colouring! We've now got confirmation that the device does exist and there it is pictured above in all it's glory!

   As you can see the device does indeed have a full physical qwerty keyboard and it's a nice candybar device! This is one of the Asha series of devices, this is the 210, and as you would expect with that range of devices there's Symbian on board, but one of the key features with this exact
phone is the WhatsApp integration. There's actually a dedicated button, which you can see better in
the image embedded to the right and Nokia have seemingly done a deal to make sure that you don't have to pay a subscription to keep this version of WhatsApp going! Nokia have said that in some markets the WhatsApp button will be swapped out for a Facebook button!

   The version of Symbian here is the good old trust S40 version, so this is no Windows Phone 8, but for a budget device, aimed at emerging markets, this seems to be a pretty nice little phone. On the inside there's 2G and Wi-Fi capabilities, a rear 2 mega-pixel camera, and a processor which is clocked somewhere below 1Ghz, but Nokia didn't offer exact details.

   The device is priced to sell at $72 in the US. People will be able to pick this phone up for $72 for either the single or dual-SIM option. If we're being totally honest at that price it should give you a relatively good experience, but we can't help but feel that the lack of 3G will hamper this device in day to day use, but perhaps Nokia are doing some compression or something, but we doubt it somehow!

   What do you guys think? Is thee something which would have made this more compelling at such a low price? Can it compete with the budget Android devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Via Pocketlint.


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