Friday 26 April 2013

Apple's WWDC sells out in two minutes, while their latest iPhone ad reminds you how important your phone is for capturing special moments!

   Apple seem to have had a meteoric rise to fame since the release of the first iPhone. They were always lurking in the background up until that famous day a few years back where their products got pulled into the limelight and into the friend groups of most!

   It seems as though the brand is still as popular as ever if their developer conference is anything to go by! This year's WWDC, which is being held in San Francisco, managed to sell out during a frantic two minute period earlier today! The reason why this event, more than most others, attracts so much attention is because WWDC is usually where Apple announce their new iOS operating systems and where they update OS X. We're not sure how much of an impact Tim Cook's promise of, "some really great stuff coming" soon made to the sales, but it would only have increased the hype. 

   Talking of 'really great stuff', Apple's latest advert for the iPhone is one of the finest adverts we've seen in a really long time! As we watched we were struck, by how many times we were in the same situations which they showed and it really must be said that Apple's marketing team are doing a great job lately! Oh and there's the cheeky reminder that the iPhone is the most used camera in the world too! Check out the video below and let us know if you tried to get tickets for WWDC and whether you were successful and of course leave your thoughts on the video too!


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